Waikato's Business Alert Level 4 Response

The Waikato Business Support service and our dedicated Regional Business Partner Team have supported in excess of 500 Waikato businesses during Alert Level 4. Following discussions with Waikato businesses over the period from 13 April to 24 April, the following snapshot of the regional business response to Alert Level 4 has been created.

These insights are indicative only; respondents total 107 Waikato businesses with direct calls to businesses being facilitated by the Waikato Business Support service, district council teams or district development boards. The results are aggregated at a regional Waikato level. 

1. The outbound approach and proactive connect to business whilst challenging during Alert Level 4 with many businesses in hibernation, enabled a potential connect to businesses who may not ordinarily reach out for support and in addition a single point of reliable information to business
support opportunities. 

2. The wage subsidy investment has potentially protected businesses from early redundancies during Alert Level 4.

3. Cashflow forecasting support, financial advice and HR/personnel planning were strong themes for Business Support in Alert Level 4. 

4. The ‘unknown’ looms large for businesses, what’s changed, how to plan and how to adapt. Digital enablement is coming through as a strong theme for business as they return to open their doors and sales. For many the true impact of Alert level 4 closures and restrictions and modified services under Alert Levels 3, 2 and 1 remains unknown.