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Te Waka launches Waikato Regional Economic Development Programme 2018-2020

Our Economic Development Goals

Perception change, attraction and storytelling on the agenda for new Te Waka hire

Sharing the region’s successes and taking the region on a journey are high on the agenda for Te Waka’s new marketing and communications manager Amy van Garderen. Born in the UK and raised inRead more

Quarterly regional economic update - December 2018

If you’re starting out on a journey to a particular destination, you need at least two pieces of information: where you are and where you’re going. With the launch of Te Waka, and the publicationRead more

Interpreting data key to Waikato's economic growth

As Te Waka’s economic adviser, Blair Keenan is tasked with making sense of numbers and data to help provide strategic direction for Waikato’s regional economic development agency, which is taskedRead more

Te Waka launches regional economic development programme

Waikato's regional economic development agency Te Waka has announced an ambitious four-year economic development programme.  At an event at Claudelands Event Centre attended by many ofRead more

Prime Minister Announces Two New Major Projects For The Waikato At Te Waka Event

The Chair of Te Waka, Dallas Fisher, has enthusiastically welcomed today’s announcement from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that two major projects in the Waikato region have received ProvincialRead more

Collaboration and partnership to underpin Te Waka

Te Waka, Waikato’s new economic development agency, has a role to play in the economic development agenda while also recognizing local aspirations and diversity, says its new CEO MichaelRead more

Te Waka announces new executive appointments

Te Waka, Waikato’s regional economic development agency, has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer and chief operating officer. Michael Bassett-Foss is Te Waka’s chiefRead more

Te Waka: Official name announced for Waikato’s economic development agency

Economic Development Minister Shane Jones formally launched a two-day economic development summit in Waikato today, pledging the support of the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund (PGF). TheRead more

Waikato economic development agency and summit aimed at boosting region

Regional Economic Development Minister Hon Shane Jones will help mark the birth of a new Waikato agency by opening a milestone economic development summit at the end of August. The summit is theRead more

Planning well underway for milestone Waikato economic development summit

More than 200 of the Waikato region’s key people are expected at a major economic development summit at the end of August. It’s the first important activity for the newly minted Waikato RegionalRead more

The making of Waikato REDA – the region’s economic development agency

The Waikato Regional Economic Development Agency stands on the shoulders of many great organisations and some intensive work over many years. The new agency, which came into being on 1 July, is aRead more

Arrived: The Waikato region’s economic development agency

The Waikato region now has an economic development agency and its first order of business is bringing together 250 of the region’s key people to determine major initiatives. The Waikato RegionalRead more
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Key Statistics


GDP Per Capita Waikato
(22% lower than the national value, for the year to March 2017).


Median Household Income Waikato
(5% lower than the New Zealand median, for 2017)


GDP Growth Waikato
(NZ = 3.6%)


Unemployment Rate Waikato
(NZ = 5%)


Export Share of GDP Waikato
(NZ = 29%)


Employment Growth Waikato
(NZ = 2.4%)


Mean Income Growth
(NZ = 1.9%)


Business Unit Growth Waikato
(NZ = 2.1%)

Figures from Infometrics & MBIE.


Productivity Growth Waikato
(NZ =1.2%)


Export Growth Waikato
(NZ = 0.6%)


15-24-year-olds not in Education, Employment or Training 
(NZ = 12.1%)

Further reading

There’s plenty of information about the Waikato region, some of which is presented here.